Security Challenges in the 21st Century


Security Challenges in the 21st Century


Péter Tálas

The Changes in International Power Relations and Their Geopolitical Consequences

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Gusztáv Báger

Integrity and security

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Zoltán Szenes

Military Security Today. New Threats, New Wars, New Theories

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Zsolt Rostoványi

Islam and Islamism as Security Challenges

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Géza Finszter

Public order – public security – legal certainty (2000–2015)

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Zoltán András Kovács - Imre Dobák

Paradigm Changes in the Hungarian National Security Institutions (1990–2016)

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Péter Ákos Bod

Economic and National Security

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László Szarka

Question marks related to energy security and environmental safety

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Valéria Csépe

The Psychological Dimensions of Subjective Security

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Judit Navracsics

The complexity of self-definition for people living with two languages and two cultures

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Zoltán Lehel Lakner

The Social Face of Security

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Miklós Szócska - Tamás Joó

Health security issues

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András Benczúr

Data-driven Methodologies and Big Data

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Róbert Lovas

Application of Cloud Computing Based Platforms for Environmental and Societal Security

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Tamás Szirányi - László Havasi

Observation on Earth and from the Sky. How Can the Events Embedded in our Environment Be Made into Useful Data?

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József Bokor - Bálint Vanek

Research Directions of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

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István Ijjas - László Somlyódy - János Józsa

Water Security in Europe, in the Danube Basin and in Hungary

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Tamás Németh – Zoltán Győri – Mária Szeitz-Szabó

Food Safety

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Erzsébet Nováky – Andrea S. Gubik

Handling Uncertainty in Futures Studies

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Lajos Besenyei

Exponentially accelerating time – growing security risk Outlook on the security challenges of the 21st century based on World Models

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Klára Kerezsi – András L. Pap

The Future of Crime and Crime Control

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Klára Tóthné Szita

The Green Development as a New Sustainability Model – Advantages and Critical Issues of Resource Management and Environmental Protection

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Ferenc Pongrácz

Smarter Cities and Public Security

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Péter Dely

Combating Terrorism in the Western World: Is it Warfare or Law Enforcement?

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Péter Balogh

New Millennium – Emerging Challenge? Empirical Analysis of the Global Terrorism Operative Cooperation Network

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Erika Malét-Szabó

The Concept of Solid Morality in the Perspective of Development

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Tímea Vas – János Csengeri

Security Challenges at Airports Today

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Zsuzsánna Biedermann

The Root Causes Behind Migration from Sub-Saharan Africa to Europe

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Petra Pintér

Migration as a Security Risk and its Handling by the Governments of Hungary and Slovakia from the Viewpoint of Communication

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Éva Tokaji-Fazekas

Pakistani Citizens’ Escape Reasons from a Climate Change Point of View Through the Example of the Kashmir Region

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Noémi Katona - Tamás Berzsenyi

Limitations and Possibilities of Countering Human Smuggling. Analyzing the investigative work of Hungarian authorities

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Miklós Tihanyi

The Possible Practical Model of Quality Measurement of Police Work

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Vince Vári

Good State – Good Police Focus on Efficiency (Conceptual Frameworks, International Outlook)

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Lídia Balogh

Supposed Ways of Allusion to Ethnicity and Social Status in the Crime News Released by the Police

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István Sabjanics

Fear as a Source of Threat with Legal Consequences

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Tekla Sebestyénné Szép

The Theory of Energy Security in Economics

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Margit Schütt

A Possible Way (Out) from Insecurity Towards Economic Security On the Basis of the Experience with the “Way-Out Programme”

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István Kopcsó - Róbert Balázs

New Methods in Disaster Medicine: the Utstein Guidelines and Their Hungarian Application

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Péter Takács

Privacy and Data Security Challenges in the Hungarian Health Sector at the Beginning of the 21st Centur

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Réka Viktória Német

Faces of security – digital wallets

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József Orbán

Bayesian Networks in Law Enforcement

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Andrea Zentai

Application of Probabilistic Methods in Dietary Risk Assessment

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László Felkai


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